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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  August 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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here s jeff barnd and jennifer gilbert with the "late edition". with murder.-old girl is charged >> she is not a gang member. that's not her. >> the people coming to her defense. >> sst down, i am not a dude. >> aaconfrontation that became an internet sensation. what is happening to the police officer years later. >> the high cost of traffic accidents. the shocking price america is paying. >> and trying to lose weight. the major mistake many people are now making. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> good evening, i am jeff barnd. >> ann i am jennifer gilbert. 14-year-old giil ii harged with mmrder after police say she tried to rob two men, and killed one of them. >> but tonight, kathleen cairns said the accused killer's family is coming to her defense.
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>> i am her cousin. >> relatiies of the accused teen ú%ller come to her defense. >> she is not a bad child. she is a loving person. she is a caring person. she is not a murderer. %->> 14-year-old aateesha holt s charged with murder. police say she ried to rob two men at gunpoint ii southeast baltimore. >> given her age, the two victims did not take her seriously. and as a result, she fired shots. >> will mer bbw kneeya hurt and coreas killed by a single woond to the head. >> my condolences go out to the family of the members that was murdered. but what about our family? you know, something could not with no super, no type of, you know, parental vision. you know, like i blame her >> takey i can't branch said her cousin has an unstable home
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life. >> who at 14 has to do this. sheesh just have to be a child. >> ffr now the 14-year-old is charged as an adult and held without bail. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition". >> >> tonight, charles villageeis fighting back. this is a live look at 26th and st. paul. in less than 30 minutes, a candlelight vigil will be held honoring 23-year-old stephen pitcairn. he was killed there last month. pitcairn was a research assistant at johns hopkins. he was stabbed while walking home from enn station.3 two days before his 24th birthdayy >> just a few miles away in roland park. daylight..3 first on fox, karen parks is live in the neighborhood wheree3 it happened. tell us how neighbors are on alert. karen? >> that's right jennifer. many neighbors that live hereen roland park, travel to and from eddie's and starbucks by bike
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and-foot every day. this couple in particular, they were coming from starbucks. and they had just gotten married three days ago in albania, live in vancouver and were visiting family for a weddingg3 celebration. here is what happened. the couple was walking from starbucks, right next to eddie's at 1:30 yesterday. when they got to the corner of longwood and club, few feet away, an african american man jumped out of a maroon van, wallet and purse, with her engagement ring inside. >> talking about it is very, of course, psetting. gun pulled on her.ú >> she will be sorry if they come back here. or if they do, we are like, bring it on. because we ill see you. >> right now, police say thht they have good leads. leads that they say can and will be helpful. but right now, so far, there are no arrests. reporting live in roland park. karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition".
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>> a suspected drug king pen that was long alluding baltimore police is facing a federal indictment. stephen blackwell jr. is charged with running a heroin ring in baltimore stretching from new york to dominican republic. he was the intended target of a shooting at a backyard cookout3 last summer that hurt 12. blackwell has a long record of violence, including attempted murder as a juvenile and adult. >> city police officcr that went viral on "youtube" is out of >> sit down.ening. sit down, i am not a dude. >> last month, a police panel ruled on this confrontation between the officer and a young state boarder. he said police officer should be suspend fodsix days for not properly filling out a report. and cleared on using excessive forcee commissioner bealefield fired rivieri earlier today without any comment whatsoever. >> now on to our question of the day. did rivieri deserve to lose his
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job? 46 percent say yes. 54 percent say no..3 and don writes on facebook tonight. tough call. he was aggressive. but some of the kids today are too. and carroll writes, he wws totally out of control. or perhaps the power went to his head. that day. >> concerns tonight about ballots will be counted as they expect to miss a deadline for the can upcoming election. federal law requires overseas ballots be sent out 45 days prior to the election. but there are only 48 days between maryland's primary and and state officials say three days is not enough time to process, and print a new ballot. from the federal government. but candidates worry overseas voters will not be counted. >> military vote is a did disgrace, if you cannot guarantee, 45 days. that's reasonable. congress thought anyway.
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>> it puts a time constraint on us. and ccallenging, i cannot recall an election where the results were ever certified for the general election ballot within 48 hours after the last vote cast. >> he primary eleccion is september 14. stay with fox 45 news, for the late he information on the november eleetions. go to and click on the vote 2010 icon in the news features section. >> investorssare weary over the prospect of a double dip recession now. two kky sectorssof our economy, housing and jobs, are under performing. home ssles fell sharply since the homebuuer tax credit expired back in april. dropping last month,,to the lowest level in 15 years. >> the federal reserve and u.s. government will need to take more action, to spur the u.s. back into a robust and sustainable economic recovery. the feds will be putting proceeds from maturing mortgage securities in its portfolio into
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treasury debt. >> nnw tonight. baltimore hotel said it is looking into a bed bug complaint from one of the guests. the marriott waterfront hotel said it is bringing in an outside organizatioo to investigate. visitor from michigan said he woke up with itching and swelling on his back. after a night at that hotel. treatment. don joe franklin said it is not -omething he expected aa such a nice hotel. >> i expect cream of the crop. i feel cheated. i looked out of my window. beautiful waterfront. that does it. >> now hotel management told us tonight, we take a complaint like this very seriouslyy we immediately move the guest to another room. and quarantine the room. they also said an initial check found no evidence of any kind of infestation. and they have had no other complaints. >> eggs from those iowa farmss3 that were recalled, could still find thhir way to your breakfast table. eggs are pasteurized which will
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kill all salmonella become terria. then sold as liquid eggs or used to make other products. producers say here is no reason not to use them, until told otherwise, by the fda and as federal investigators continue to search for the cause of the contamination. there is growing debate about why a food safety bill stalled on capitol hill. they are calling on the senate for the >> every summer we have the same thing over a salmonella outbreak, takes months to get to the culprit. this is a problem we shoull have been on top of. >> bill would give the fda more inspectors and authority to inspect farms, trace food and order immediate recalls. >> road closures downtown last longer than expected. repaving work along light street runs through mid october. the project has, at least, two lanes of light street closed off around the clock. work is being done as part of the city's preparation for the
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grand prix race set for labor day weekend of 2011. >> and be aware of traffic if you are heading out of town or labor day holiday. aaa said thhy expect %-50 miles from home.o travel between september 2 and september 6. that is up 10 percent from llst year. aaa expects most to travel by car and spend on average around $700. >> well, will the weather start to holdout for the state fair? >> it is all on the shoulders tonight of our own meteorologist emily gracey with a look at tte sky watch forecast. no pressure. >> i feee the weight. but you know what, great forecast. gorgeous weather for the state fair. at least the start of it. it is a long 10 or 11 days. so the start of it looking nice out there. few showerr showing up on radar. look live from our h.d. radar. you can see to the south and west. picking up et weather. but staying dry in baltimore. and the next several days, will be dry out there. temperatures cooling down nicely. to 68 degrees.
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and ii baltimore. 69 in dover. and by tomorrow, we will have temperatures rising into the mid 80s. few clouds. but clearing out toward the aaternoon. gorgeous weatter. that extended forecast. i will have the details on that3 coming up in a bit. >> it is a pretty strong statement. - think, it is a borderline call. >> concerns tonight after some possibly careless comments by a u.s. military leaddr. what he said about the war, in afghanistan. >> and indulging in unhealthy food choices once in awhile, may be okay..3 but why several weeks or even this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do.
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now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. >> the war in afghanistan continues, and silence from the white house tonight. after the come mondo not of the marine corps said they are encouraged of troops pulling out
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of afghanistan. major gar rat reports on the crucial issue of timing. >> president obama dddged a question about iraq today while buying lunch on mathat's vineyard. >> perhaps more pressing question what's the status of the presiddnt's july 2011 time line withdrrwal in afghanistan. top commander there said that date may be helping the enemy. >> we know the president was talking to several audiences at the same time. when he made the comments on july 2011. it is probably giving our enemy, sustenance, we think he may be saying tt himself, in fact, we have intercepted communications that say, hey, we have to holdout for so long. >> president vacationed aides refused to address the comment on the record. conaway noted marines were likely to remain in afghanistan for years. -nd that the lettal pace of operations, 155 u... fighters died in the past three months. belos any sense that taliban or al-qaida are holding back. but experts called the remarks
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alarming. >> a strong statement. i think, it is a borderline call. tough issues about what active duty military officers and leaders should say. >> i do share general conaway's view that the july 2011 deadline as currently understood has become problematic. and probably harmful. >> the man that was running the war in afghanistan, patraeus told fox's jennifer griffin that mr. obama established 20111as a time to change the mission, not to begin to dismannle it. >> not about an exitus. it was really about a message of urgency. it was a very clear statement that in july of 2011 a process begins. and that process, the pace of that process, is determined by conditions on the ground. >> those conditions, and the tracking of afghan army and police forces will depend on the reliability of president karzzi. karrai's corrupt and inefficient ways are unlikely to change. meaning that mr. obaaa might
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consider announcing most troops will remain after july 011. >> conditions based, draw down, does not tell you much. aa the end of the day it may tell what you general david patreous prefers, that's not orders. >> back to the subject of iraq. president will address the nation on the new mission in iraq, on august 31. from the oval office. before that, on that very same day, president will visit with troops in fort bliss, near el paso texas. in martha's vineyard, traveling wwth the president. major gar rat. fox news. >> border security is increasing off the california coast line. federal enforcement agencies say illegal immigrants are using waters off the westcoast as a preferred route to get into the u.s. as a result, seems the federal agent of the u.s. coast guard are beefing up security along the coastal region. >> motor vehicle accidents cost americann $100 bbllion a year. the cdc tallyed numbers by
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combining medical care and productivity losses associated with injuries from accidents. teens and young adults accouut for 28 percent of all accidenns. 31 percent of the costs, more men are killed or injured in crashes than women are. >> if you think a few weeks of glut knee could be wwrked off at the gyy. >> it is not easy.. new research suggests a month's worth of unhealthy living, can actually change your body's physiology. over indulging increases body fat mass and while some weight may be lost after normal dieting and exercise resume. pileed on fat is harder to burn off and keep off overtime..3 >> and vitamin d is vital to help to build lien muscle mass. canadian researchers say women with low levels of vitamin d have extra fat in their frame. good sources like cccome in ffsh, salmon, and even sunshine. >> hopefully we have sunshine in
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the forecast. ú% the month of august. into the state fair. >> sounds like it will happen. go to emily gracey with the sky watch forecast. emily. >> plenty of sunshine in the forecast. dealing with quite a few clouds over the past few days. it will end. looking live from the hd skycam. partly cloudy skies out there. they will become mostly sunny by tomorrow afternoon. commortable temperatures as well. in tte upper 60s right now downtown. with calm winds and humidity at 84 percent. so that low pressure bringing us wet weather over the past several days and clouds as well. will finally start to work off the coast. it will move away from land. when that happens, a ccld front will push through. that will allow us to clear out and see temperatures in the low 80s for the next couple of days. before we do start to warm back to normal. and then above normal temperatures after that. we are also watching the tropics. hurricane danielle, category 2, moving quickly west-northwest. it is expect to take a you turn to the north.ú as it does it will strengthen
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slightly. it hits the cold waters of the atlantic, it will weaken. so not a threat for us. behind danieele watching tropical storm earl. there it is on the edge of the ú%ceen. while it doesn't look like a lot right now. hurricane center is predicting that will become a hurricane as well. and it will be moving due west. so something to watch. i think, that will be something to watch more than hurricane danielle. over the next several days. back here at home. cold front, that's what we are dealing with. while it will move through the area tomorrow. it will not bring us any rain. change in he cloud cover. but no change as far as he showers are concern. we will see dry conditions through tomorrow. just the change in the clouds by tomorrow afternoon. start to clear out. and gorgeous conditions to finish off the week. by friday, we will have clears skies and cooler temperatures. highs only in the low 80s. for tonight. 66 degrees. partly cloudy skies. comfortable evening out therr. cool as you are headed out tomorrow morning. 85 for the afternoon high.
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tomorrow afternoon. and gorgeous weekend at the beach. upper 70s by saturday. sunday low 80s. plenty of sunshine. and so a perfect weekend to be down there in ocean city. back at home. state fair starts on friday. we could not ask for better weather. 81. lots of sunshine. warm up for the start of the weekend. into the start of the ork week with a high of 92 by monday. i will let you know how long the warm temperatures will stick around, coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> expanding the nfl schedule to 18 games in a >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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saturday night exhibition game with the giants. they continue to have more than their share of injuries. especially on the offensive and defensive line. there could be encouraging news regarding at least one of them. it is pparently possible that tackle jared jared gaither could be back. yesterday we learned his back problem could be traced to a he will choose rest and rehab, rather than surgery. john harbaugh holds out the hope that jared gaither will return. maybe by opening day.
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work with what he has got. >> practice for he guys you havee jared knows that. we have -- the line we have out there on any given day is the line you practice with. prepare the guy you have. ss go with the guys we have. and when guys that aren't healthy now, come back, that becomes a big plus for us. we want all of our uys healthy. in this league, look around the league. it is nnt the case. as soon as they are back healthy we add them into the mixx >> nfl owners met in atlanta. approved the sale of the st. louis rams to wal-mart heir stan chronic key and proposed shift of 18 game schedule. owner love but players are not sure. %-will be the key.ncing them >> we want to do this the right way. we want to do it the right way make it good for everyone. including the players. and our fans, and the game in general. so from our standpoint, we think, we have moved this
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concept along. tremendous amount of momentum for it. we think it is the right step to take. but we want to do that with our partnerr. including the players. >> pretty interesting feature from sports illustratedd picked the all time nfl players
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>> gorgeous extended forecast in store for us. 85 for tomorrow. 81 on friday. lots of sunshine all across the board here. up to the low 99s sunday and monday. before we get back to the upper 80s by middle of next week. back to you.
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>> looks good. thank you. >> that does it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. up next, is that of the 70s show. have a great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning it's the first time you're letting your daughter
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